Motherhood as it begins; the honest and natural story of mothers in waiting.

If you have visited my BIO, you already know that I am a Mama. As much as I cherish my career as a photographer, my family always comes first. Two of the most important things in my life are, and will always be, my marriage and my children. I never take these things for granted.

Along with my love for motherhood, I love celebrating all mama's and I especially love documenting the beauty of motherhood: I know first hand that pregnancy isn't always the most glamorous, but my goal is to make sure my mama's KNOW that they are beautiful, appreciated and worthy. The work you are putting in, growing your little one, it isn't going unseen. To be able to capture this precious time in your life, the bond between you and your partner, the anticipation and excitement, and the curiosity from older siblings brings me so much joy and I love that I am able to give families images that reflect these feelings of excitement, anticipation and love.

Cheatham County Maternity Photographer
Nashville tn maternity photographer
Cheatham County Maternity Photographer
Bare Belly Maternity Photos Nashville Tennessee Maternity Photographer
Boho Lace Dress Maternity Nashville Tennessee Maternity Photography
nashville tn maternity photography
Navy Maternity Gown Pleasant View Tennessee Photographer
Black and White Maternity Ashland City Photographer
Springfield Tennessee Maternity Photographer
Nashville Tennessee Maternity Photographer
Nashville Tennessee Maternity Photographer
Nashville Tennessee Maternity Photography

During your maternity session the safety and wellbeing of you and your growing family is my top priority. I have completed First Aid/CRP/AED training through the American Red Cross Training Services along with professional training in areas such as the perinatal period.

The ideal time for a maternity session is between 33-37 weeks, however if you are expecting multiples or experiencing complications we should strive for 28-32 weeks.


Maternity Packages starting at $400.00.

Because I love a good reason to see my clients time and time again, I do offer Grow With Me packages for expecting mamas and their newborn babies!

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