I think most of us can agree that life moves a little too fast most days. Watching my own family grow so quickly and wondering where the time has gone and often wishing for time to just slow down, I decided I wanted to document not only my own family but all families in the simplest and sweetest style.

A documentary style approach to family photography, in which I will come to you and shadow you through a few hours of your daily life, capturing small details and intimate moments.

Through this approach, we can create an immersive journey through your daily life, capturing the beauty in the small details and intimate moments that often go unnoticed. Keeping record of the present as it ever so quickly transitions into the past.

Imagine strolling through your lush garden, basking in the warmth of the morning sun as we freeze the magic of your green thumb nurturing nature's wonders. Or picture the joyous chaos of playtime with your furry friends, documenting the genuine connection between you and your four-legged companions as you play fetch in the backyard.

In the heart of your home, the kitchen, we'll discreetly observe the art of crafting meals, preserving the love and laughter shared over a cutting board. As you whip up lunchtime delights that bring your family scurrying to the table, I'll capture the details of the work your hands put in, the tools and dishes that serve your meals.

On a rainy day, as the sound of droplets pitter-patter against the window, we'll seize the opportunity to document kids' imaginations running wild with Lego bricks, constructing miniature worlds filled with boundless creativity, or the baby dolls that they love and nurture.

Our documentary-style approach forgoes staged setups and forced poses. Instead, we embrace the authenticity of life's unfolding moments, allowing you to relish in your natural environment, entirely at ease. No need to worry about posing or fixed smiles – we seek the genuine emotions and connections that define who you are.

The resulting collection of photographs will become a visual narrative, preserving your unique story in a heartfelt and artful manner. From the tiniest gestures to the grandest expressions, I aim to capture the essence of your life, leaving you with cherished memories that you and your loved ones will treasure for generations.

Let me take you on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, where your everyday becomes extraordinary, and each moment is celebrated as a work of art. Embrace the beauty of the present, and let us unveil the story that's waiting to be told through the lens of our documentary photography.

Tennessee Documentary Lifestyle Photographer
Tennessee Documentary Lifestyle Photographer
Tennessee Documentary Lifestyle Photographer

These sessions can be customized to accurately represent your family and the moments that you find the most special. We can plan these through which ever part of the day suits your family the best and at whatever location you would prefer. Maybe it's not your home, but your favorite place to go as a family, think fishing on the lake, your favorite playground, grandma's kitchen, grandpa's farm, maybe it's just a simple trip through the grocery store. Every family is different and I aim to tell each of those stories in their most authentic form giving you the final collection of images you desire.

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