What is my "why"?

Do you know your "why"? Have you asked yourself a million questions to try and determine what it is that truly brings you joy and give you purpose? Well, I have, and this is my conclusion...

My "why" is to provide for my family by way of a meaningful, creative craft that I can share with others while still having work-life balance in hopes of always being present for my family.

Photography means so much to me. In my own home you can find prints from just weeks ago to images that are decades old. I love the idea of freezing a moment (that could otherwise be forgotten) in time to be able to reflect back on in a moment of nostalgia. I am incredibly sentimental so these little things mean so much to me and I love the sentiment of giving this timeless and meaningful gift of images for other families to reminisce on in their own time. A family heirloom even.

A huge part of my "why" is to be present and create a life full of memories with my family, and I want this for my sessions as well! With this idea of living in the moment and creating memories with those most special to us, I also want my clients photography experience to be a positive memory. While I know us Moms will likely spend too much time stressing about outfits and trying to bribe our tribe into cooperation, there are still good memories to be made during these sessions. I want you to genuinely laugh with your partner, and play with your little ones, even snuggle your pets.

This is my "why". This is what drives me to work my hardest, continue learning and growing and ultimately share my passion for photography with all of you.

I believe having a purpose or passion can bring a person so much clarity and happiness in their life. Just as the idea of happiness will differ from person to person, so will everyone's "why". So, what is your "why"? Ask yourself all of the questions, as many as possible! Maybe these questions will help you find your calling, redirect your focus, or maybe it will just confirm that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Find your "why", find your happiness. I am so thankful I found mine.